Monday, January 14, 2013

Reflections of Chemistry Teachers on Lesson Study

Growing up Pains: Reflections of Five Chemistry Teachers on the First Two Cycles of Lesson Study

This chapter presents the reflections of five Chemistry teachers in a public high school on their lesson study (LS) experience. Accounts have shown that, at the beginning, there are several challenges encountered by the teachers that made them hesitant to fully participate in the LS. However, as the LS proceeded, collegiality was evident, making the teachers comfortable with the LS. Collegiality led them to collaborate more in the LS processes.

This increased collaboration provided several  benefits that the teacher themselves have recognized along the way. These benefits concern their  professional growth such as content upgrade, new approach in teaching, better classroom management, accuracy of content in designing lesson plans, sense of fulfilment, and willingness to strive for excellence.
The full text of the study is one of the chapters of the book titled “BOOK 1.  LESSON STUDY: PLANNING TOGETHER, LEARNING TOGETHER” which will be published in print form by UP NISMED this first quarter of 2013.

By Jacquie Gutierrez


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