Thursday, July 19, 2012

What is Lesson Study?

  • It is a school-based teacher-led continuing professional development model for teachers. It originated in
    Japan in 1872.
  • It is a professional learning process in which teachers work collaboratively to:
    1. formulate goals for students learning in long-term development
    2. develop "research" lessons to bring those goals to life
    3. implement the lesson and document observations
    4. discuss the evidences gathered during the lesson implementation and use them to improve the lesson
    5. teach and study the lesson again to further refine it.
  • It provides teachers an opportunity to see teaching and learning in the classroom. This enables them to develop a common understanding of what effective teaching practice entails in relation to student thinking and learning.
  • It keeps students at the heart of professional development activities
  • Being teacher-led, teachers can be actively involved in instructional change and curriculum development.

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  1. Hi UP NISMED! I'm just going to ask if you will hold another National Training/Workshop on Lesson Study by 2016? Just got interested in implementing it in our school in Quezon Province...Thank you and GOD bless!