Thursday, August 10, 2017

World Association of Lesson Studies (WALS) International Conference 2016

On September 3-5, 2016, four NISMED staff presented their papers* in the 10th World Association of Lesson Studies International Conference at the University of Exeter, the United Kingdom. The theme of the conference was on the role of lesson study in transforming teaching and teacher learning in professional learning communities.  The entire conference highlighted the benefits of collaboration which is built on lesson study.  When teachers collaborate with their colleagues they start to build self-efficacy, gain new idea on how students learn which results in deep learning, receive moral support, and predict future success as an effect of working together.  During the conference, there was also a presentation on countries that managed to sustain lesson study, such as Cambodia and Indonesia.  It was also suggested that lesson study has to be the culture of school even if the principal leaves the school.  The relationship between the principal and the faculty is far more important than the top-down approach to sustain lesson study. Investing in social relationship such as principal-to-teacher and teacher-to-teacher is what Andy Hargreaves, the keynote speaker, referred to as Social Capital.  
*Title of papers presented in WALS 2016
Sustaining the culture of collaboration in lesson study through fostering a collegial atmosphere:  A practice-based case study
Ms. Jacquieline Rose Gutierrez

Students’ answering their own question:  Voices from high school chemistry classroom Ms. Arlene dela Cruz
Influence of culture in adapting lesson study
Ms. Ivy Mejia and Mr. Eligio Obille



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