Monday, July 31, 2023

Enriching Preservice Science and Mathematics Teachers’ Practice Teaching Experience through Lesson Study

Lesson study has started to permeate Philippines at the basic education level. However, most Philippine teacher education institutions (TEIs) have not yet utilized lesson study in preservice teacher education. This study examined the use of lesson study in preservice science and mathematics teachers’ practice teaching and determined how it could enrich their practice teaching experience.

Using mixed-methods research design, the study made use of lesson study with modified microteaching as the intervention prior to preservice science and mathematics teachers’ deployment in the field for their practice teaching. It was conducted as part of the practice teaching program of a teacher education institution (TEI) in southern Philippines. Preservice science and mathematics teachers were deployed in a public secondary school in the same locality. The cooperating teachers from the public secondary school and the science and mathematics education faculty members of the implementing TEI served as knowledgeable others of the lesson study teams formed during the workshops. Separate lesson study workshops were conducted for each group to introduce preservice science and mathematics teachers to the intervention.

Findings of the study included preservice science and mathematics teachers’ appreciation of the use of lesson study in their practice teaching as it helped them enhance their ability to collaboratively develop lesson plans. Furthermore, preservice science and mathematics teachers reported that lesson study enabled them to iron out issues and problems that may arise during lesson implementation. Thus, helping them become more confident and more prepared to conduct the lesson in actual classrooms. Examination of the different versions of the research lessons showed that the most common improvement made on the research lessons was related to assessment of student learning. Finally, this study has shown how lesson study in combination with the use of microteaching served as a support mechanism for preservice science and mathematics teachers during practice teaching.

This research was funded by the University of the Philippines Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Development (UP OVCRD) through its Outright Research Grant (Project No. 171710 PSSH). Dr. Monalisa T. Sasing headed the research. Full text of the study for preservice mathematics teachers will be included in UP NISMED’s Lesson Study Book 3 which will be published in print form by UP NISMED soon.



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