By Erlina Ronda

To date, UP NISMED has facilitated lesson study groups in several public high schools within the Metro Manila area.  The first model of lesson study implementation was in 2006 and the second model, a refinement of the first, was conducted in 2010.
Year 7 LS Group of Sta Lucia HS - from left counterclockwise) Ronald Locasia, Dianne Sta Rosa, Rose Berdin, Dr. Erlina Ronda (NISMED staff) and Eflida Tesorio (Year 7 math coordinator)

Batch 2007 was attended by teachers from Rizal High School in Pasig, Balara High School in Quezon City, San Vicente Elementary School and Krus na Ligas Elementary School, both in Quezon City. From these, a total of six high school lesson study groups and ___ elementary lesson study groups conducted lesson study in varying degrees.
For its second batch of lesson study, NISMED concentrated in one school in Pasig - Sta Lucia High School. As in Rizal High School, one lesson study group was organized for each year level involving all the teachers in the year level.
In 2011, NISMED conducted its first lesson study in a school outside Metro Manila with the teachers of Ligao National High School (LNHS). Lesson study was also introduced to the math and science teachers of Nueva Ecija High School last February 2012.
ES Math Lesson Study Topics
HS Math Lesson Study Topics

By Erlina R. Ronda

This site is the official website of the Lesson Study project of the National Institute for Science and Mathematics Education Development of the University of the Philippines (UP NISMED).
Sta. Lucia High School of Pasig City (2010-2012)
Math I
  • Introducing the Negative Numbers
  • Addition and Subtraction of Integers (Part 1)
  • Addition and Subtraction of Integers (Part 2)
Math II
  • Solving Quadratic Equations Using the Quadratic Formula
  • Representing Situations Involving Direct Linear Variation
Math III
  • Exploring the Parallel Postulate
Math IV
  • Introducing Polynomial Functions
Rizal High School of Pasig City (2007-2009)
Math I
  • Introducing Algebraic Expressions
  • Exploring Factors of  Polynomials
  • Problem Solving Involving First Degree Equations and Inequalities
Math II
  • Introducing Geometric Sequence
  • Constructing Rational Equations
Math III
  • Investigating Triangle
  • Deriving Equation of a Circle
Math IV
  • Representing Data Using Averages
  • Introducing Quadratic Functions
Balara High School of Quezon City (2007-2008)
Math I
  • Squares and Square Roots
Math II
  • Investigating Triangle Congruence